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Winter on Florida’s Gulf Coast

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Along with the New Year, come new resolutions. Some of the most popular resolutions involve making yourself look good and increasing your funds. But why not make yourself feel better, too? Resolve to take more frequent trips to the beach.  There is an episode of Modern Family where the lead actress, Claire, has to run errands in her husband, Phil’s, new sports car. Something snapped in her usually uber-responsible brain and she decided to drive up the California coast, for no reason. Many hours had passed when Phil found her, sitting alone on a beach and looking at the vast ocean ahead of her. Once he settled into the sand next to her, she told him that they should make it a point to pack up the kids and go the beach more often. Fun-loving Phil agreed.

Here’s three “Don’ts” that will have you adding to and checking off of your resolution list in no time!  Don’t make the mistake that most people make and wait to go to the beach only in the warmer months. It’s never a good experience if the only time you and your family come to the beach is when the beaches are crowded with people. The extra crowds can lead to extra frustrations and certainly less personal space. Give yourself a chance to experience our beach in better settings. Begin your sun-basking now! Take advantage of beach combing with less crowds, less fuss and more personal space.


Winter averages are ridiculously mild compared to the rest of the country, battling their snowy, icy and rainy conditions. In the February 2015 issue of Southern Living, a three-day road trip along the inner Florida coast is mapped out, noting the ideal temps as “the perfect break” from “chilly” weather.


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