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Customer - Beach Cruiser

Customer Morgan Champion 6 2014

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Now you can enjoy the beach under your own power to come and go as you please. We can bring your very own Beach Cruiser to your door so you don't have to miss a minute of fun. You can access the beach with ease. It has a comfortable reclining seat and a joy stick that can be mounted for left or right hand use. Call us today and we'll put a Beach Cruiser aside for you and you can start enjoying the beach just as soon as you arrive.


Rental Rates and Delivery

$50 deposit will be applied to your invoice Panama City Beach $30
1 Day$75
2 Day $140
3 Days$200
4 Days$250
5 Days$300
6 Days$350
Per Week $395
Umbrella$5 Per Day
*Ask about other areas in Northwest Florida