Floating Water Wheel

With the floatable armrests and tires, WaterWheels™ easily transports you from the beach to the water! Enjoy the ocean or pool while relaxing with your WaterWheels™!

WaterWheels™ is well designed with the movement of the user in mind. The wheelchair can be easily moved on flat surfaces or sand. Its front fork made of stainless steel will absorb every shock.

WaterWheels™ is easily assembled and disassembled in couple of minutes! The wheelchair folds to allow you to conveniently transport in any vehicle.

WaterWheels™ is designed with our customers in mind. The wheelchair provides users with long lasting comfort so they can relax, recline and enjoy the outdoors!

Days Rate
2 $135
3 $160
4 $195
5 $215
6 $235
7 $255


$50 deposit will be applied to your invoice


Panama City Beach $35

* Ask about other areas in Northwest Florida


No refunds for early returns

We recommend that you do not exceed 300 lbs.

The daily life of the batteries is determined by the weight of the operator/rider and terrain in which the chair is being operated. Under "normal" conditions, you should experience up to 6-8 hours of operation.

300 lbs. without accessories.

4-6 hours to full charge.

Yes. However, we do not recommend that you operate the chair in the rain for an extended period of time.

NO. The electric motors can not take the salt water in any way.

Call (800) 533-1168 and rent a push beach wheelchair in Northwest Florida!