Not only do we work diligently to ensure an enjoyable beach vacation by renting multiple mobility products in Northwest Florida, we also sale our custom built motorized beach wheelchairs.  Our unique product has been quite a hit and we are now in our fifth year of sales. We custom build each chair and strive to make them the highest of quality possible.

We have sold quite a few of our unique powered Powered Beach Wheelchairs! The chair can give you a whole new level of independence.  We’ll be glad to talk to you about your personal powered beach chair.

Motorized Beach Wheelchairs Made to Last


-Penny & Giles control system                         -Standalone 3 stage battery charger

-Two 12 VDC 55AH SLA batteries                   -Reclining seat back

-24 VDC motors rated at 760 volts                   -Adjustable arm rests

-24 VDC electric brakes                                   -Adjustable head rest

-Emergency motor disengage levers               -Small storage rack under seat

-Resettable circuit breaker                               -Umbrella holder

-49cm Polyurethane balloon wheels (rear)       -Anti tip wheel

-30cm Polyurethane balloon wheels (front)      – Comes with tire repair kit

-Max speed is 6 mph

-Max distance up to 10 miles

-Low battery warning

Beach Powered Mobility

Freedom to enjoy life off the beaten path.

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Beach Wheelchairs


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