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Motorized Beach Wheelchair Rental – Meet Ryan Carter Panama City Beach Florida

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Beach Powered Mobility is proud to share with you the story of our first customer  of 2014. Meet Ryan Carter 20 year-old Ryan Carter from Atlanta. This young man is a joy to interact with. He has special abilities and communicates through a voice computer. Ryan and his family love to visit Panama City Beach Florida and were ecstatic to learn that we had set up a motorized beach wheelchair rental service right in the heart of town. For many years they traveled out of their way to rent a beach wheelchair from our partners in Orange Beach, AL. Although they spoke highly of their previous service, they were overjoyed to trim roughly eight hours round trip from their drive to Panama City from Atlanta. Ryan and his family visit the florida panhandle several times a year and with the convenience of renting a Beach Cruiser closer to their vacation destination, the family will be able to add a few extra days a year to their stay. Each one of our customers will leave a lasting impression on our lives and we will remember Ryan when he makes his next reservation. We have gained another new friend and thank you Carter family for allowing Beach Powered Mobility to be part of your Panama City Beach vacation!

If you are interested in renting one of our Beach Cruisers, a motorized beach wheelchair, please contact Beach Powered Mobility at 800.533.1168. Take advantage of our special offer until May 31, 2014 and receive 10% off a two + day rental in Destin 30A and Panama City Beach Florida. 

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